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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Growing the family tree

Clicking the Add Family link takes you to your first data entry page Add First Family , seen in Figure 7, below, with some data that has been filled in Figure 7 Data entry page for adding your first family Figure 7 Data entry page for adding your first family Read more below about Dual-language data entry. Family Tree Builder Tutorial (Beta) Dual-language data entry In this example, we have created a project where the primary language (for the interface and main data entry) is English, and the secondary language is Hebrew. Having two data languages implies that all data entry pages automatically become bi-lingual as in figure 7. If you do not specify a secondary language, data entry pages become simpler (unilingual) with more room to enter each field. In bi-lingual data entry, data can be entered in both languages for each data field. Below is an example

Editing person details

You can reach the detailed individual data entry page in several ways Click the 'More Details' button in the 'Add Person' Wizard Double-click the person's card in the Family Tree View Click an 'Edit' button on a person card Right-click a person card and select 'Edit Details'

Family Tree Builder Tutorial Beta Advanced language configuration

Here you can determine not only the Display language but also the primary and secondary Data languages. The primary Data language is the language of the family tree data which will be displayed in pages of the application where there is no data entry. If there is no secondary data language, the application is in Single-language mode and all data entry pages will accept data in that language only. If there is a secondary Data language, the application is in Dual-language mode and all data entry pages will be bi-lingual.


Pay special attention to the Translation Buttons which appear in bi-lingual data entry pages. These buttons are located between the two data entry boxes for the same data field. If a translation button is enabled (i.e. filled in black, and not hollow gray), clicking it will perform immediate translation from one data language to another in the direction of the arrow. Clicking one of the Master Translation Buttons at the top of the data entry box

Using Freebmd

When Ben Laurie first started, the project looked as though it would take an eternity to complete, his computer couldn't predict the date as it was so far in the future. As more volunteers joined the project and the rate of data entry increased, the expected completion date of all 100,000,000 entries gradually became closer. I remember the day when the estimated completion date finally looked as though it would be in my lifetime, Ben muses. It was a wonderful feeling. More volunteers have joined and now the project should be complete by 2007, possibly quicker than that if more come forward to help.


Numerous programs have been developed by genealogists for genealogists to help in record keeping and research. Among the most widely used genealogy database programs are Family Tree Maker, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Reunion, Ultimate Family Tree, and The Master Genealogist. Some genealogists find that more than one database program is useful they may like the style of reports in one but prefer another for ease of data entry. Because all major genealogy programs incorporate a standard data transfer utility, it is possible to use two programs without re-entering data.

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