Emmanuel Levinas

The genealogy of ethics

John Llewelyn

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Emmanuel Levinas

To read Emmanuel Levinas: The Genealogy of Ethics is an education from which anyone could benefit. John Llewelyn not only provides his readers with a profound study of Levinas's ethical philosophy, he also teaches them how to read philosophy with care. This is the most important full-length study of Levinas in any language, because one completes the book both better informed and a better philosopher.'

Robert Bernasconi, Memphis State University

'Emmanuel Levinas must now be judged to be one of the most influential figures in contemporary Continental philosophy. I can think of no better guide than John Llewelyn to lead us through the thickets of Levinas's prose. For those of us working in the embattled enclave of Continental philosophy in Britain and North America, Llewelyn's work has had a singular and special place, marked as it is by a quasi-Austinian analytic attention to linguistic and semantic detail, a dazzling breadth and depth of textual knowledge in the Continental tradition, and an absolute integrity and seriousness of intellectual and moral commitment. Bursting with questions, multiple references, cascading citations and multi-lingual puns and nuances, this book is the compelling record of an intellectual obsession. Taking as its guiding thread the theme of genealogy, the book gives a broadly chronological and impressively manageable presentation of the whole sweep of Levinas's work. I have read nothing more finely grained, more balanced and less dogmatic than Llewelyn's book on a whole range of Levinasian themes.'

Simon Critchley, University of Essex

John Llewelyn has been reader in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh and visiting professor at Memphis State University and Loyola University of Chicago. His other publications include Beyond Metaphysics?, Derrida on the Threshold of Sense, and The Middle Voice of Ecological Conscience.

Warwick Studies in European Philosophy

Edited by Andrew Benjamin

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Warwick

This series presents the best and most original work being done within the European philosophical tradition. The books included in the series seek not merely to reflect what is taking place within European philosophy, rather they will contribute to the growth and development of that plural tradition. Work written in the English language as well as translations into English are to be included, engaging the tradition at all levels—whether by introductions that show the contemporary philosophical force of certain work, or in collections that explore an important thinker or topic, as well as in significant contributions that call for their own critical evaluation.

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