Alberta Family Histories Society

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712-16 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 0J8, Canada [w] [e] [email protected] [t] +1 403 214 1447 Number of members: 300 plus 135 magazine exchanges Founded:1980 Membership: CA$40 single ($55 family, $35 seniors, $45 seniors family, $50 institution)

BOARD: Chairman Gordon Lane (far left), leads the Alberta FHS Board 2004-2005

The group meets monthly and exists to promote general family history research. There are several special interest groups, such as English/Welsh, Celtic and Ukrainian, as well as groups meeting to discuss specific software packages. The society has a library and publishes both quarterly and monthly newsletters. Members are working on archives of cemetery recordings, newspaper extractions and the 1906 Canadian Census index.

and elsewhere with Scottish ancestry, and vice versa. It specialises in 'Scottish strays' and has published a CD dictionary of Scottish emigrants. Members are transcribing the records of the Presbyterian Church of England.


'Oban', New Road, Bignall End, Stoke-on-Trent [w] audleynet/famhist/index.htm [e] [email protected] Number of members: 140 Founded:1986 Membership: £5 per year The group meets on the first Wednesday and Friday each month. Postal members are welcome and limited research is included in the subscription. The group has parish records for Audley and adjoining areas, as well as census returns and other local history records. Non-members can view records for £1 per meeting. The group is transcribing Audley wills from 1650 onwards and parish registers.

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