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Mrs Jordan is searching for a suffragette in Suffolk

My great-great-aunt, Thursa Cove, was a Suffragette. Her family threw her out, and no-one knows what happened to her. She was mentioned in a Suffolk magazine last August, and they included a picture of her from 1908 celebrating the release of two other suffragettes. My mother is sure that she was imprisoned with Mrs Pankhurst. Is it possible to access prison records, and if so, how? Margaret Jordan via email

I Fortunately there's some good material to work from in your case. Elizabeth Crawford's book, The Women's Suffrage Movement, provides a comprehensive coverage of the women's suffrage campaign, including more than 800 entries on societies and at least 400 biographical entries. Most of the society entries include names and addresses of their secretaries. Annual reports of the societies contain subscription lists and you may find a reference to your ancestor there. The Women's Library (, 020

7320 222) holds a good collection of this material.

The National Archives hold numerous documents relating to the militant campaign, many of them giving names and full addresses of suffragettes. Around 1,085 women served prison sentences for the cause and these cases are documented in the records of The National Archives

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