Bangcroft Bancraft Bancrofte Bencroft Bankroft Bankcroft

This is a locative surname, indicating someone who lived in or came from Bancroft in Ardeley, Hertfordshire, or Bancroft Field in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

These place names come from two Old English words, bean and croft, meaning 'bean' and 'small enclosed field' - probably a field in which beans were grown.

Early references to the surname include Stephen de Bancroft, who is listed in 1222 in the records of St Paul's Cathedral. His surname means 'Stephen of or from

Bancoft'. John atte Bancroft is listed in Subsidy Rolls for Sussex in 1296. His name means 'John who lives at Bancroft'. By the 15th century, the 'de's and 'atte's had been largely dispensed with, and we find instances of the surname as we know it now, such as Thomas Bancrofte, listed in feet of fines in Warwickshire in 1481/2.

The several prominent Bancrofts include Thomas Bancroft (1756-1811), vicar of Bolton-le-Moors, was one of the 'four King's preachers of Lancashire'. Another

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