Black Country Chapels

Ned Williams

Sutton Publishing


[t] 01453 731 114

ISBN: 0750939907

For anyone researching an ancestry in the Black Country this could be of great interest. It's another in Sutton's growing Britain in Old Photographs series and it

concentrates on the wide range of chapels in the region including their congregations and history.

Using lots of photos and a couple of engravings with well devised captions, the book introduces you to a wide range of religious buildings from Wolverhampton to Halesowen and from Cradley to Tipton. There's an equally wide range of names, including the Rhubarb, the Ebenezer, the Rehoboth, the Hope, the Cave Adullam, the Sweet Turf and the Sodom.

The book begins with a good historical introduction and is again full to bursting with old photographs and where it is deemed relevant, such as in the 'Netherton, More Chapels than Pubs' chapter, there is a longer text explaining the history. ■

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