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My ancestor signed the Queen's death warrant

It's not often someone can say 'Off with her head!' to a queen - but that's what Paul Wray's ancestor did cotswoman Sheila Anderson-Wray has discovered that one of her husband's ancestors gave the order for Mary Queen of Scots to be beheaded.

Sheila and her husband Paul, a warehouse stock controller, began researching his family tree on the Genes Reunited website, and discovered a link back to Sir Christopher Wray (died 1592), the Chief Justice of England, who signed the Scots queen's death warrant in 1587.

The couple turned to the site after a suggestion from a relative of Paul that there might be a connection, and have used a number of resources to establish that the judge was Paul's ninth great-grand-uncle. Ironically, Sheila was born in Linlithgow - just like Mary Queen of Scots.

"I have now designated myself as Scotland's revenge on the Wray family," Sheila said. "We all think it's hilarious, and get very excited when we find another link. Another of Paul's family had an affair with a Prince of Wales."

The couple live in Yorkshire -Mr Wray was born in Wakefield in 1957. Sir Christopher's wife, Anne Girlington, was also from Yorkshire. Wray himself was born

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