Census For England And Wales

[w] www.1901census.national archives.gov.uk

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has recovered well from its early bad publicity of crashing servers and 'service unobtainable' signs. It's clear and very easy to use and covers a range of data relating to the 1901 Census.

Name and address searches in the People Search field are free although to obtain details and see images of the actual records online you will be charged (£5 credit for a maximum 48 hour session then 75p per image). The images are worth seeing as you can zoom in on the details of your search results and see more information on your ancestors, such as their occupation.

As well as names and addresses you can search for references to place names, merchant and naval ships and institutions such as hospitals and barracks. The site has also added the ability to search by address. If you can't find what you're looking for using these searches, there are more advanced

192.COM: A powerful people-searching tool that can help you contact living relatives options and the ability to use wild card letters in your searching in case of spelling errors.

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