Coats Of Arms


A site focussed on the origin of Irish surnames and Irish Coats of Arms. It aims to help visitors find their own family crest and explains the various design and facets of the heraldic symbols.

ISLE OF MAN GENEALOGY [w] interests/genealogy

Part of the general Isle of Man Tourist and Information site, the genealogy pages provide visitors with a map of the parishes on the Island, plus a bulletin board, links to resources for local family history research and a volunteer look-up exchange. There's also a potentially useful section on wills.


The best thing about this FHS site is

JEWISH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY: The JGSGB includes census extracts and other useful resources that it has a searchable database of births, marriages and deaths from the Isle of Wight record office. Although not yet fully complete it's a good feature to have. The site also contains membership information, news, interests, journals and some local stories and information.


This is a joint project between the

Jewish Genealogy Society of Great


¡¡3 Britain and JewishGen, offering ig genealogists an online resource g of more than 55,000 Jewish o community records. You can search < for free by surname or town or conduct a global text search. There is also a Supplementary UK Database containing records waiting to be processed by JewishGen.


This is an excellent website, packed full of information and neatly designed too. Aimed at anyone wanting to trace their Jewish ancestry, it offers visitors a wide range of information on the aims and roles of the Society as well as details on membership, publications and meetings. It also offers a good file download section that includes

JEWISHGEN: Home to databases including Jewish individuals from across Europe and beyond

Census Extracts for Oxford (184191), Manchester (1871) and London (1861) plus other relevant files and indexes from around the country.

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