Text-heavy pages are at first a bit daunting on the eye, but this site offers some good advice for beginners and plenty of information on local sources for genealogists and links to resources.


A massive site that pools the resources of a wide range of international genealogy databases including the International Genealogical Index. The Mormon Church site is very easy to use; the rittfcMTM 1e iHI Ci HI* gj+iii |>MI

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Search for Ancestors section leads you straight into a search form where you can just enter a surname or maybe more information for a more detailed search. Results are clean and clear and provide you with the original source of the record returned, plus any additional information such as occupation, dates and position in the family. Bookmark this site.


The best place to go to find out where relatives died and were buried during the two World Wars. Of the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth who died in service, only 925,000 were found and buried with a headstone; the rest are commemorated on memorials. The site is free, easy to use and quickly helps you trace lost ancestors. Details of individuals, including rank, date of death and regiment

COVENTRY FHS: Church records, parish registers, lists, books and a distinctive sky blue background are included as well as information about the place of burial. It's a must-see site for those looking for relatives killed in action.


This FHS site is not particularly pretty but it's very useful nevertheless. As well as the usual links to local resources, it has three online searchable databases where you can enter a surname and see whether it comes up in either the convicts register, canal boats workers register or a Lascelles register for 1851 Coventry workers.



A mammoth collection of web links covering genealogy and related historical and geographical

¡¡3 information. It's a no-frills site that's ig jam-packed with links so if you're s> stuck on the web with nowhere to o look this site will doubtlessly help

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