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Roots Magic UK Edition V2 From £21.95

Roots Magic UK Edition V2 From £21.95

Family Tree Maker 2005 Deluxe £31.45

Family Historian £42.40


1841 to 1901 Census sets from £24,95

Custodian IIE £46.40

. > Please add £2.BOPEtP porordor

We guarantee to beat any mail order genealogy program prices! | Book prices include p&p

For rest of Europe pleas« add £41 Worldwide add £6

Roots Mag ic Basi c Editio n only £21.95 Roots Magic Standard Edition only £34.95 Includes: UK Name Index (6 million record?] £2SO worth of census vouchers UKAilu fcrf 1B93 Roots Magic Platinum Edition only £49,95 includes: UK Name Index (6 million records] i^Ti""-, £250 worth of census vouchers

UK Atlas for 1698 Change gf Nam« CD 1760-^901 UK * Ireland General Armory of England, Scotland & Ireland English and Welsh Landowners 1873 Scottish Landowners 1672-1673 On Una Subscription to

S&N TopiG Shareware & Demos CD

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