• The Army List 1832 - full product worth £10 from Your Old Books & Maps tracing an army ancestor

The Army List 1832 was originally published by the then War Office to list all British Army officers, both serving and those on retired pay. It also listed Royal Marines. Original copies are rarely found outside of libraries, but this version has been made available by Your Old Books & Maps in PDF format, which is easily accessible using Adobe Reader. By pressing the CRTL and F keys you can look for names, words or phrases, making a quick search very easy indeed.

The British Army of this period had seen little active campaigning since Waterloo in June 1815, but had been occupied in expanding Britain's Empire. Officers during this period purchased their commissions, and went up and down the rank scale according to their ability to pay. Those listed in this source therefore had a mixture of many years of campaigning and some men who had yet to leave the regimental depot. At this time the Army did not have a 'County Regiment' structure, and infantry units were numbered regiments of foot; although some did have local connections. Regiments normally had two battalions, and corps

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