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Divorce papers

Examining the divorce of Beryl Ivy Waters and Joseph Albert Adolph

Divorces in the family history are unhappy events to recall, but so too are deaths and funerals and they're as much a part of a family history as anything else. In the case of my grandparents, there was a happy ending, for, although both my grandparents have died, I'm left with a wonderful step-grandmother as a result of my grandfather's remarriage.

CERTIFICATE: Confirming the divorce has take place

NAMES: The parties who had been married o iC^m « ** 93



Kttpl Ivy Adolpk iauph Ubsrt 3tBni«liU8 Adolph

DATE: The marriage had taken place, and the location, which could lead straight on to seeking the marriage record lielween ii)d

Petitioner Respondent


REASON: Why the divorce was granted. The name of the person has been removed in this example for confidentiality reasons

fié. whereby it was toeed that the s s t nth oi I 2

. m-trirt af Oreydfui i* the Cc^ty [ | »„ll.aloy M, tt8 ^^oSh of Crorion K

Fstiiion h" oenreä

DATE: Of the decree absolute, making the divorce final

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