Easy Mosaic 506 Home

Last issue, we gave you the chance to p^ make morphing movies using photos of your ancestors. This month, we'll try something equally interesting. Easy Mosaic 5.06 Home is a full program worth $29.95. It enables you to create an image that is made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller images in mosaic fashion.

So just imagine this. You've been collecting and scanning in old photographs of the people in your family tree. A child or grandchild is born. Wouldn't it be an interesting project to create a mosaic-style image of the new baby where each 'tile' is a picture of one of the baby's ancestors? With Easy Mosaic that's exactly what you can do. We've even included 60 scanned photos of people from the late 1800s for you to practise with. You could create such an image for use on a card, on your family history website, or as an interesting inclusion in your family book.


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