Emigration To Brazil

My ancestor, Martin Goldsworthy, travelled from Cornwall to Brazil in the mid-1800s, possibly to work as a miner. Where can I find records of his time in Brazil? He had a son, William, who was born during his stay there. Can I obtain a birth certificate for him? Julie Goldsworthy via email

There was a wave of immigration to Brazil from Europe from 1808 to the mid-19 th century, mainly because of work on plantations. The main areas of settlement were Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro and most migrants arrived at either Santos, Salvador or Rio de Janeiro. They were registered by the Agencia Central de Imigracao and records can be found at www. familysearch.org.

If your ancestor married in Brazil you will need to know the place of the marriage as civil registration records are retained by municipalities within each state -and there are over 3,700 municipalities with registration offices. However, the birth of William Goldsworthy may be recorded in the Consular Births Index which forms part of the General Register Office Miscellaneous Indexes. See www. 1837online.com. DH

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