Exmoor Audio Clips

Take a trip into the past with these Exmoor old-timers. There are ten sample clips here from the Somerset Archives website, provided by Birdie Johnson. Each person talks about their memories of life on and around the moor. To find out more visit www.somerset.gov.uk/ archives/exmoor. In the meantime listen to the following stories: Walter Barwick - on getting the cane at school.

Millie Curtis - her mother did the washing over an old furnace. Alvina Irwin - on being invited to play tennis at her new school. Tom Lock - he worked for the tanneries, and sold cider. Leslie Norman - recalls his family, and his first pair of britches. Hilda Parham - on giving birth at home. Bill Partridge - reflects on Luscombe Church Fred Radley - he'd watch the workers coming home in West of England sacks to keep dry. Mary Schofield - about her friendship with Alfred Munnings.

Joan Smith - surviving a six-week snow-in at home in Glenthorne.

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