Family History Album

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Passing the results of your researches to other family members can be a problem if they can't tell a GEDCOM from a PDF file. Some programs let you bring it all together in a printed book

- which can be rewarding, but also expensive and time consuming. Step forward Family History Album, with which you can combine all your pictures, notes and information into a single file to distribute on CD. As long as the recipient has a PC with Windows 98 or later they can pop the disc into their computer and explore your tree, with no need to install any special software.

Basic information about each person is entered on the main screen and is limited to name, birth date and death date. The screen shows two generations

- parents and children - each represented by a scroll, and a link to an index of all the people currently in your tree. As your tree grows the index becomes an increasingly useful tool to quickly navigate to distant relatives. If you already have your family recorded in a genealogy program it's frustrating to find there is no way to transfer it into FHA. A GEDCOM import that set up the names and dates of family members would get new users off to a flying start and let them concentrate on the program's more interesting features.

Every person in your tree can have an information page to record details of their life and this can be transferred from existing files by copy and pasting. Scans of documents - such as certificates and letters - can also be included, though it's recommended you keep the file size below 350KB to prevent the program slowing down. Scans must be in JPG (preferred) or BMP format and you can use a small program called PIXresizer from this issue's CD to reduce images and convert them from GIF, PNG or TIFF. It's also useful when you want to produce

EDIT: Two generations are shown in the Edit screen. Clicking the icon at the top of a scroll opens a window to edit their details

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