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Sinclair fitting this rumour.

Derek Saffell

14 Orchard Close, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9SL [e] [email protected]

Thurston - I am seeking relatives of Henry Walter Thurston, my paternal grandfather. He was born in Kensington, London, in 1907 to Ernest George Thurston and his wife Emma (nee Russell). Henry (known as Harry) later emigrated to Australia and married Nora Sealey and they lived in Perth. At the time of Harry's enlistment in the Australian Army in 1941 he listed his mother and brother as being alive and living in Rygate, Surrey. Can anyone help? Jillian Thurston

[e] [email protected]

Tripconey/Tripp - I am looking for info on Anthony Tripconey, my great-great-great-great-grandfather. He was born around 1823 and his father was also Anthony Tripconey. He married Grace Tippet on 29 March 1849 in the parish of Cury, Cornwall. He changed his surname to Tripp shortly after marriage. They had nine children and lived in Meneage Street, Helston. He died on 4 August 1897.

I'm also trying to trace Lilly Tripp, daughter of James Tripp (son of Anthony Tripp) and Emily (nee Hocking). Emily died in 1888 and James and Lilly were living with Anthony Tripconey in Meneage Street in 1890. James Tripp was in Bodmin Gaol in 1901 (for reasons unknown). His other daughter, Mary (May) Tripp married in 1910 and her marriage certificate states James as deceased. Mr MA Fennah

22 School Field, Clayton Brook, Bamber Bridge, Preston, PR5 8BJ

Wallbank - I am looking for any information on my grandfather or his family. My grandfather, Thomas Arthur Wallbank, was born in late 1930 in Staffordshire. His parents were Albert Wallbank, born c1893, and Beatrice Mary Harvey, born 1899. Beatrice and Albert married in 1917 at St Michael, Brereton, Staffordshire. I am interested in finding out more about my grandfather. I would also like to know if he had any siblings. Beatrice Mary Harvey was born in 1899 in Brereton and her parents were George Harvey and Emma. She had several siblings: Harry, born 1885; Gertrude, born c1889; Georgina, born 1890; Harriet, born 1892; George, born 1894; Bertha Ellen, born 1896; and Cecil John, born 1901. I believe that George Harvey married Emma Porter (born c1864, in Armitage) in 1888. I haven't been able to find Emma's parents, but I believe that she had a sister called Elizabeth born c1868. George Harvey was born c1859 in Armitage, Staffordshire. I would be interested in any information on either Harvey, Porter and Wallbank families from Staffordshire. Lucia Wallbank [e] [email protected]

Walker - I am seeking information on the family of my paternal grandfather Ben Walker. He was born at 10 Pilot Street, Leeds, Yorkshire on 27 Jan 1876. His father was Thomas Walker and his mother Elizabeth Walker (nee Ostler). He married Mary Elizabeth Fearns and had a son called Ben on 3 Jan 1900 at 29 Beauford Place, Leeds. My grandfather then left Yorkshire for some reason and traveled on his own down to Luton, Bedfordshire, where he met my grandmother, Anne Cooper. They had two children, one being my father, Ben. I would very much like to meet any relatives that I have in Yorkshire or to gain any information about my grandfather's life in Yorkshire in the late 1800s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Valerie Fahey

10 Dalley Close, Syston, Leicester, LE27LN

[e] [email protected]

Worsfold - If you are researching the Worsfold family and are willing to exchange data, then why not drop me a line? I have been researching the family for some 40 years and I am willing to exchange data with true researchers like myself. I did run a family history society and found I was overrun by letters from other families. So, this time I would like only to hear from people with the name of Worsfold or their maiden name, please.

Alan R Worsfold

[e] [email protected]

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