This is a useful place to start if you are extending your research into Australia. Though simple-looking, the site has a range of information that can only help the researcher.

SHROPSHIRE: Better-than-average FHS support site with resources including local 'strays' listing

The Society offers a range of resources, and has four online databases of ships' musters, tickets of leave, soldiers and marines and a Sydney street index.


The Society of Genealogists is a useful cog in the genealogy machinery of England, and was established in 1911. Today it offers a useful blend of research material, guidance and support for budding and experienced family history researchers. It has a massive library of data, which is free to members, based in central London - and this site is geared to the library, its resources and helping visitors get the most out of their time there.

Online resources include parish register holdings indexes and Boyd's Marriage Indexes, although the latter is now a link to the English

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