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"In this case the classic television portrayal of Georgian commoners chucking buckets of waste from their windows appears to be true"

2nd April 1761 "And they further present Mr. Thomas Clarke, Cornelius Aylworth, George Cossam Sawyer and James Gosling to remove their muckhills from before their doors and out of public streets within Fourteen days under penalty of five shillings each they being common Nusances within the Jurisdiction of this court."

As a juror you would imagine John was a law-abiding and just citizen; someone who would never be the subject of a Court Leet sitting himself. However, in the very same batch of papers I found that this was not the case: 20th October 1761 "And they further present Mrs Sarah Hill, John Longman, Mary Bennett and John Mills severally to Remove their Dung Hills from before their doors and out of the Public Streets within Fourteen days under the penalty of five shillings each being within the jurisdiction of this Court and Common Nusances."

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