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Local Studies Library

Family historians are ensured a warm welcome!

arolyn Jacobs, information librarian at Merthyr Tydfil's local studies library, makes no secret of her genealogical interest. She is secretary of the local branch of the Family History Society and is actively involved.

Carolyn and a group of volunteers have ensured that visiting family historians are well catered for. "Many come hoping to find their ancestors named in the books of their employers at the works or the mines. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that", she said.

However, the library does have the records belonging to a doctor at one of the biggest ironworks and these are real gems, naming not only patients but other family members as well. Extensive photocopied Roman Catholic records are also to be found.

The library's pride and joy consists of indexes to the local census, which have been placed on paper and in alphabetical name order. "This has been a real labour of love for some of our volunteers", she points out, "Visitors find the lists extremely helpful" • •

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