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[12] The result shows a distribution map of the recent Fowle birth registrations indicating the highest density in London and Kent. However, it shows that there are none in Wales, and few in the western counties.

enter just a surname if you wish, and find all surname entries for a selected period. For more common names you can use the advanced options to reduce the number of hits by entering up to two initials or forenames, the mother's maiden name, the year and month of registration and the district.

Unlike its rival, 1837online, searching the post-1984 data here doesn't just come up with a result that says, "There are 18 entries that match the search criteria... To view these will cost 18 units". Using the index is free and the initial search results contain a near complete set of the information contained in the index, so you can be fairly sure you have the correct entry before you use your single credit to view the full entry. The extra information bought by your one credit, for instance when looking up a birth, consists of the mother's maiden name and the page and folio numbers necessary to order a copy certificate.

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