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John Longman Dates unknown

Peruke Maker

William Longman 1757 - 1836

Hannah Longman (Pearce) Dates unknown

Celia Longman 1760 - 1844

JOHN LONGMAN: A respected man who fell foul of the law

John Longman 1784 - 1856

Ag Lab, Master Butcher

Sarah Longman (Ormsbury)

John Longman

1828 - Date unknown

Ag Lab,Tanner

Mary Ann Longman (Godwin) 1828 - Date unknown

George Longman 1848 - 1933

Mariner, Railway Fireman

John Longman 1872 - 1916

Cabinet Maker, Merchant Seaman

Eliza Longman (Bridgman) 1852 - 1926


Olive Blanch Longman (Shallis) 1875 - Date unknown

Robert Francis Longman 1904 - 1995

Chief Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Irene Longman (Bond) 1907 -

Glove Factory Manufacturer

Gerald Francis Longman 1934 -

Sergeant, Grenadier Guards

James Ballantyne Longman 1962 -

Corporal, Territorial Army

Stella Rose Longman (Ballantyne) 1935 - 1997

Care Assistant

Moira Catherine Longman (O'Shea) 1966 -

Kitchen Assistant

Daniel Longman 1988 -


This summer, I decided to make contact with Thornbury & District Museum - the local archives of my ancestral home. I wrote a polite letter asking if they had come across any references to the Longman family, who I knew had been living in the area for nearly 300 years. A few weeks later I got a reply from one of the helpful volunteers stating that they did have a number of documents, and one in particular relating to a Mr John Longman.

John lived and worked in Thornbury, a small market town in South Gloucestershire, about 11 miles north of Bristol. I used the internet search engine Google to look for his occupation. I found the last will and testament - on - of a man called George Cossham who was a carpenter in the town. In it John Longman is mentioned as a peruke maker and it is revealed he had a tenement in the High Street.

As a peruke maker, he fashioned wigs (perukes/periwigs) which complemented the fashion of many 18th century gentlemen. This was a common profession all over the British Empire, but it gradually died out in around 1800 after the 'Powder Tax' - a duty of one guinea per annum levied on hair powder - was introduced five years previously by Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger.

John Longman had his own shop situated right at the heart of the community in the High Street. Here he helped meet the demands of the local town's people who wanted to dress in smart and suitable headgear. He must have been well respected and seen as a

Thornbury Museum

THORNBURY MUSEUM: The staff helped Daniel unravel John Longman's story

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  • Kate
    Found this very interesting as going back in my family tree & I am related to the Longman's via Olive & John Longman (though we originally thought his name was William so I've been confused for a little while!) It's a direct link to them though through women so a few changes in surname. Many Thanks! Kate
    7 years ago

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