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This single CD contains an index of the whole of the Essex 1861 Census with some border parishes which are outside the county, consolidated from material previously (and still) available on individual floppy disks. The data comes in PDF format, readable by Adobe Reader running on Windows and Mac machines. If you've got the reader, the CD will autorun.

The data presented includes surname, forenames, age, PRO Census Piece Number, PRO Folio Number, and parish or locality

ESSEX: Diagrams show the relative positions of Essex parishes

code. The data is bookmarked, fully searchable and you can cut and paste to your own documents. Bookmarks help to locate districts and parishes as well as names, and there are diagrams showing the districts and the relative positions of parishes within the districts should you need to widen your searches. The publisher stresses that this index is a finding aid only and that the original microfilm of the census return should be consulted for entries of interest (or, of course, you can buy a set of images on CD such as that from Archive CD Books on the page opposite).

If you've got Microsoft's Access database application on your computer, there's a copy of the index in its format too.

Clear, searchable listings of 1861 Essex girls and boys (and grown-ups)


Faces & Places 1888-92

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