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Midlands Historical Data preserves old books and maps by creating digital copies. It concentrates on Birmingham and the counties which surround it: Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire.

Birmingham Faces & Places was a monthly magazine produced between May 1888 and April 1892. Among its contents were contemporary descriptions of places in Birmingham undergoing change - such as the development of Corporation Street - and biographies of notable local worthies together with portraits of some of them (each annual volume contained around 240 pages, of which a third were photographic prints of places and people). There is no overall index to the volumes, but Midlands Historical Data has extracted a list of contents which appears on the CD.

COUNCILLOR POLLACK: One of Birmingham's famous faces

This CD, which auto-runs in Windows machines, contains the four volumes in which the original book - now the property of Birmingham & Midland Institute - was published, as PDF files with bookmarks. It is fully searchable and the text can be cut and pasted into your own documents. □

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