this digitised book normally sells for £10 on CD. It's presented here in a PDF file and contains an awful lot of handy information if you're trying to trace an officer of the British Army or Royal Marines of the day. It lists those on full and half pay, has a listing of succession of colonels and will tell you what casualties there had been since the previous edition of the list. Regimental leaders are listed, and there's a wealth of other information for you to sift through.

As a PDF file, you'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to use it. Unlike some PDFs you'll find on similar discs, this one is searchable. Just press [Ctrl]+[F] and you can enter the name of someone you're looking for. It's also bookmarked, and was scanned in at a high resolution of 400 dots per inch. When you zoom in, the letters won't go fuzzy.




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