Make A Mosaic

Use the full version of Easy Mosaic 5.06 Home on your cover disc to make novel pctures foor wK USING YOUR ANCESTORS

MULTIPLE CHOICE: This baby's picture is made up of photos from the Victorian era


Mosaics Made Smaller Pictures

Have you seen those pictures that, when you look closely, are made of a large number of smaller images? With Easy Mosaic 5.06 Home you can create those pictures for yourself from your own images to illustrate a family book, create a greeting card or add to your website. Install the software from your cover disc, enter the registration code we've supplied and you have unlimited use of all the program's features. We've even put a folder of pictures on the disc for you to use while following the tutorial.

Use colour, monochrome or sepia-toned pictures and mix them to give the required effect -

it's the perfect excuse to get out those family pictures and start scanning. If the main picture is monochrome the tiles are shaded to follow the tones of the original image, but if it's colour the tiles are automatically adjusted for both tone and tint - we'll show you both techniques. There's no need to scan the tile pictures at high resolution as fine details can't be seen and smaller files speed up the rendering of the final image. Make the number of pixels on the longest side of the tile pictures around 300 and you'll have plenty of detail. If you already have large scans use your imaging software or a program such as PIXresizer (it's on the CD) to make smaller copies as JPG or BMP files.

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