Making Your Mosaic

Step-by-step guide to creating your own Easy Mosaic image

[1] Install the program from the cover disc and run it from your Start menu. As it usually opens as a small window, maximise it before clicking on the About menu. Enter the registration code exactly as given in the introduction to this article; give yourself a user name; and close the program for the registration to take effect.

[2] Before restarting, copy the folder of pictures from the CD to your hard disk. Make sure the CD is in the drive and open Windows Explorer. In the left pane of the Explorer window your drives are listed - the letters used depend on how your computer is configured. Click the '+' sign next to Your Family Tree to list the folders.

[3] Right-click on the Old Photos folder in the left pane of Explorer and from the options click Copy. Now right click the C: drive icon, this time selecting the Paste option in the list that appears. Within a few seconds the folder and all its contents will be copied across. Expand the C: drive list with its '+' to check the folder is there.

[4] Close Windows Explorer, start Easy Mosaic, and we're ready to make a picture. Click New on the toolbar, or New Mosaic on the Project manual, and then Yes when asked if current work should be cleared. On the Main Image tab click Load Main Image and navigate to the folder you copied from the CD. Open target.jpg and a picture of a baby appears in the Project window.

[5] Once you've loaded the picture its colour can be adjusted with the red, green and blue sliders. We gave the image a stronger sepia effect by increasing red to +30 and decreasing blue to -30. Use the arrows at the end of each slider for fine adjustments. Click on Apply to accept your settings and then Restore if you change your mind.

[6] The help files for the program are not accessible from the main screen, but have to be opened in a separate viewer. If you want more details about a feature open Easy Mosaic Help from your Windows Start menu and browse the topics. You can have the main program and the help files open at the same time and there's a free users' forum at


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