National Army Museum

[w] www.national-army-museum.

A museum site that's well worth a visit if you want to find out more about the history of the British Army and the museum in London. The museum holds few official military records, so it's not a source of research, but will be of historical interest. There are suggestions online for furthering your military genealogical research.


This website provides detailed information about the National Coal Mining Museum, based near

NATIONAL FAIRGROUND ARCHIVE: A unique collection reflecting the culture of travelling showpeople

Wakefield, which gives a vivid insight into what it was like to work in the industry.


If you're researching any ancestors who worked on fairgrounds, this could well prove a useful first stop. It provides a history of British fairgrounds, complete with images, diaries and drawings. It also has information on circuses.


This useful site for Irish research, complete with a dedicated family history section, explains how the library can help the genealogist, including how to use its parish register indexing. There are also links to other sources of Irish records and help and advice, plus online indexes of newspapers, manuscripts, photographs and drawings.

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