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features including a free name search across its entire database, though you must register and pay to see results.

ORIGINS SEARCH PRO [w] www.originsearch.com

This is essentially a free genealogy search tool that identifies web pages containing genealogical data and indexes names within. Pages are not limited to UK and Irish data so results include ancestors from countries worldwide. It now features a free name search with results across 500 million names.

There is an advanced search option to enable you to filter results through year ranges, geographic area and page type (census, military, immigration etc) and you can log searches, enabling you to keep an ongoing list so that you can rerun a search at a later date for example. This is one search site that's definitely worth a bookmark.

ORIGINS SEARCH: A set of flexible, powerful, free searches of worldwide genealogical records


The Ormskirk & District FHS provides its members with a basic site that delivers all the essential information on the society itself, plus listings of members' interest, a beginner's guide and some links to other sites of interest which may be useful to non-members too.

OXFORDSHIRE FHS [w] www.ofhs.org.uk

Another society site that offers the usual mix of society information and members' interests but it also adds a few extra bits to retain the visitor's interest. There are local maps, unidentified photographs to view, and links to other local websites of interest.

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