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The family history website of Docklands Ancestors Ltd is aimed at family historians researching their Docklands, Thames and Watermen & Lightermen Ancestors. There is an online parish register search which is free although to view detailed results you'll have to pay £2.95. The site enables you to do a name search across the registers of various parishes, with more than 60,000 original entries.

PARISH REGISTER: Boasts many original entries 'to be found nowhere else online, not even the IGI'

PASSENGER LISTS ON THE INTERNET [w] rprost/passenger.html

This basic portal site provides visitors with a list of areas where you can find ship passenger lists and records. The list is extensive and covers a broad selection of countries too.

While it doesn't contain its own specific data about individuals and their movements, if you are looking for names of passengers then this could be a good place to start.


This is a relatively simple family history society site that has some pleasant pictures and old photos of the region. The site provides information about the society, membership and so on, as well as a list of parishes covered.


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