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Memorygrabber Family History Workbook

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Agelong Tree 2.1

Here's a genealogy application for storing your family history information. Create biographies of individuals, and store text, sounds and even video. TRIAL

Ancestral Author 2.3

Use Ancestral Authorto convert GEDCOM files, as well as text and images, into Adobe PDF files up to 5,000 pages long. TRIAL

Bygones 9

This free program presents you with a genealogical note-keeping database to work alongside your main genealogy software. FREEWARE

CAM Unzip 4

A utility for compressing files before you email them, and for unzipping them too. FREEWARE

FamiliaBuilder 3.0.7

Import a GEDCOM file and use it to create a family tree website, or a photo album - no web programming skills required. TRIAL

Family Historian 2.3

The latest version with improved reports, copying and pasting, and queries. Read our review on page 73, or win a copy on page 43. TRIAL

Family History Album

A brand new program that enables you to create a CD-ROM presentation so that you can share your family history with friends and family. TRIAL


Use this program to view and browse the contents of any GEDCOM file in a text format. FREEWARE

Genbox Family History 3.3.1

Organise your research and store your data with this genealogy program. The new version has better sorting options and improved GEDCOM import. TRIAL

Geno Pro 1.9

Use this software to build your own 'genograms': charts that show your family's ancestry. TRIAL

Legacy Family Tree 5 SE

Fully working genealogy software, special edition. Enter your family history and record details about each family member via its basic interface. FULL


If you come across some Latin phrases in some of the older documents you discover, this utility could prove invaluable. TRIAL

RootsMagic 2.0

Enables you to create reports, plan your research and create a family history website. TRIAL

TreeDraw 3.2

Import your GEDCOM file and TreeDraw will help you turn it into an attractive chart. TRIAL


With WinFamilyyou can quickly add data to existing GEDCOM files, and print out the results. TRIAL


Easy-to-use genealogy chart-making program that can help you display your family tree in a variety of different ways. TRIAL

Yesterdays 1.0

It's more than a family history program, it's an interactive family album that can include pictures, sound and more. SHAREWARE

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