Essex 1848 Trade Directory Data

Direct Resources has given us listings for Chelmsford and Romford from the White's 1848 Essex Directory. In total there are 1,499 tradespeople listed across the two towns. The files are in Excel, text and Microsoft WorksWDB formats. SAMPLE DATA

Braintree Parish Magazines

Here we have indexes of names and events from Victorian parish magazines produced in St Michael's, Braintree, Essex, 1869-1870 and 189394. This is a full product, as sold for £3.95. There are some 1,500 entries in the index for baptisms, marriages, burials, and interesting excerpts from the magazines themselves. FULL PRODUCT


This handy program enables you to quickly and easily change the size of an image. It's particularly useful if you wish to make a photo smaller in order to email it to someone. FREEWARE

Parents 5.0

Try this shareware for 30 days before making up your mind. Parents is a program that you can use to record information, and is ideal for beginners. Create screens for each individual, and customise how the program works. Read our review on page 73. TRIAL

Relatively Yours 3

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