Ph research British Army latest Your Family Tree CD

Windows 98 or better).

On a Mac you will have ISSUE 21 CD: Your disc to run the file Start OS X this month contains a (or Start Mac for OS 9 fantastic mosaic-making or earlier). program worth $29.95

Click the On The Disc tab (top left) and the CD's menu appears. Choose a category and a list of options pops out. Click any item to see more details on that part of the program. The text will often give you the information you need in order to install an application or use the data included.

From each individual information screen you will be able to install a program to your computer, open folders containing PDFs and other data files, hear our audio clips and so on. To get back to the intro screen, click the Home option on the menu. You no longer need Internet Explorer in order to use our CD, though you will still need the application in order to visit the website links we've provided.

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