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Frame Genealogy

Based on DirttJ ¿rami's indudmq the descendant* of Rev. Reuben Frame and his.

wife. Mjrgarel Stewart $elby Frame, the oldest m!rr oF Thqma» Henry Sflby. pi oner r ai 5-an

Francesco, California: by Carrie Cllman Carey: published Red Oafc. Iowa. 1931.

Lambert Genealogy iased on J he Lsmbert FimHy of ia/em, ttiisjuhus&tts. By Henry W. Belknap. Oiflioally published H'HOftC^I Collection* 01 The gist* Institute Volume LIV. 191-S-

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TASMANIAN FHS [w] www.tasfhs.org

This is a simple family history society site for anyone interested in the Australia island region of Tasmania. It offers an online list of cemeteries, membership, a journal and a contact for local research.

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