Army lists

Useful lists, directories and books

A complete set of these lists is available to consult on the open shelves at the British Library. There is also a large selection available at the Society of Genealogists

The Madras Register, from 1799, later became The Madras Almanac, from 1800, which later became The Asylum Press Almanac. The Bombay Kalendar and Register, from 1806. It became The Bombay Calendar and Almanac. Madras Military Fund, from 1808-1862. Officers of the Bengal Army, 1758-1834. East India Register & Directory - first published 1803. It later became the East India Regiment and Army List, from July 1844. War Services of Officers of the Bengal Army, from 1863.

The India List, from 1877.

The Indian Army List - quarterly from 1891, last issued in October 1946.

The India Office List, from 1899.

Hart's Army List - first published 1839.

The India Office & Burma Office List, from 1938.


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