When Did The Name Kartreiber Come To Britain

A short and tragic life

Pam Smith is looking for info about her birth mother

Can anyone help with information about my mother, Florence Ross?

Perhaps there are members of her family or any friends who remember her family or any friends who remember her and can tell me about her. I was adopted in 1946. Florence lived in Sunderland but stayed at a home for unmarried mothers in Gateshead up to my birth. I think the enclosed photo was taken at the home but I'm not sure. Florence is the dark-haired lady on the left - does anyone know the other two young ladies?

She was born 6 Oct 1927 to Thomas Edward and Cordelia Ursula Ross. Thomas was a shipyard worker. Sadly, Florence died 24 March 1949 of TB in Sunderland General Hospital. Thomas Edward and Cordelia Ursula were married 8 Sept 1907, aged 22 and 20, at St Thomas, Bishopwearmouth. Sadly both died before Florence's demise at the age of 21 years. My greatgrandfathers' names were Thomas Ross (a painter] and Thomas George Hawkins (a mariner]. I have not got my grandparents' birth or death certificates yet, but am continuing my search. I am really hoping for contact with someone who knew my birth mother or knew of her. She is also buried at Bishopwearmouth cemetery and lived in Falmouth Road, Sunderland. Pam Smith 17 Wensleydale Close, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 8FH

Bishopwearmouth Cemetery

Marines Artillery in 1876 and married Mary Elizabeth Harrison at Hasland, Derbyshire in 1885. He left the Marines in 1898. Known children were Phoebe Elizabeth, born 1889, and George, born 1891, both in Portsmouth. None of the family is on the 1901 Census; possibly they emigrated. Mel Harrison

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Hards - I am trying to find a record for the birth of my great-grandmother, Alice Elizabeth Hards. Indications are that she was born in 1872 in Hastings, Sussex. According to census records she may have been known by the name of Elizabeth in her youth. She was married on 31 Jan 1892 in St Mary's, Hastings to Charles (Karl) Kartreiber. Her parents were Edward and Mary. I believe her mother's maiden name was Peters. Alice Elizabeth died on 2 Sept 1938 in Woburn, Bedfordshire. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Stuart Andrews

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Haselock - I am looking for descendants of John and Eliza Haselock. They had five children and I have information on their two oldest, Sarah and Georgina. John died in 1883 and Eliza remarried in 1885 to Henry Mellor and they had two more children. I am looking for descendants of

Eliza, born 1879; Fanny, 1880; and John, 1882. From what I have found it is a possibility that the three of them were married. I am currently checking out that information. I would like to contact any descendents of the three. Please contact me via email. John McLaughlin [e] [email protected]

Leeson - see Neale, below

Metcalfe - Please can anyone help with our query about Anthony Metcalfe, born approximately between 1795 and 1798. My great-great-great-grandfather was George Metcalfe of Abbottside/Hawes who married Eleanor Iveson by licence on 10 Jan 1842. He was a husbandman of Shaw in Abbottside at the time of his marriage. His father was called Anthony Metcalfe and was a farmer. We think that this Anthony married Isabella Raw (of Snaizholme) on 16 Jan 1819, with a George Metcalfe being one of the witnesses. Does anyone know anything further about this Anthony? We are stuck on him and cannot get further back until we find out more about him. Alyson Gibson Cherry Trees, Garth Avenue, Collingham, Wetherby, LS22 5BJ [e] [email protected] co.uk

Muzzall - I am seeking information on the location of my great-grandparents when the 1891 Census was taken. They were Charles Muzzall, his wife Sarah, and children Charles, Catherine, William, Emily and Hedley. Charles was a coachman in service and all the family were born in Sussex except Emily and Hedly. Emily is listed on the 1901 Census as having been born in West Malvern, Worts (a bady transcribed Worcestershire?) 15 Sept 1888. Hedley was born 5 Nov 1890, also West Malvern. The family do not appear on the 1891 Census for Sussex. In 1881, Charles, aged 21, was working for Beatrice Frost in Henfield, Sussex and by 1901 the family was back in Portslade, Sussex. I will be extremely grateful if anyone can provide the required information. Phil Muzzall

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West Sussex, BN17 6PP

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Neale - My 84-year-old mother was brought up in Leicester and talks of her early childhood memories of her grandfather, one William Henry Neale. He was commonly known as 'Dragon Neale' in the family but in all fairness I feel he did have a good reason for his angry and formidable temperament. To find out why he had such a disposition we must travel back to East Street, Leicester, in the year 1839.

Joseph Neale was a bricklayer, as were his father and grandfather before him. He lived around the Chancery and East Street area since moving from Slawston to marry Mary Cort. Now, Mary died along with a new born baby. Their eldest daughter, Eliza Neale (born 1820) took on the mantle of mother to her six siblings. Elizabeth Neale (born 1823) according to family rumours is believed to have gone into service with Frisby and Jarvis who manufactured hosiery. William Henry Neale was born in 1843 in East Street, the mother being Elizabeth Neale but with no father's name entered on the birth certificate. Family rumour stated that the father was Frisby. My mother and her 78-year-old sister state they can recall their mother, Sussana (William's daughter) expressing that it was common knowledge in the family that William's father was a man named Frisby.

On the 1851 Census for Dunkirk Street, Joseph Neale, a 65-year-old widower, bricklayer by trade and born in Slawston, is found living with Eliza Neale, his 30-year-old unmarried daughter. Also, Betsy Neal, his 26-year-old daughter, a dressmaker. John Neale is his 16-year-old son, a bricklayer's boy and Henry Neale an eight-year-old nephew, a scholar. Eliza Neale is found again on the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 Censuses, living in York Street, but there is no sign of her sister, Elizabeth, until the 1901

Census when Eliza Neale, aged 83 and single is still in York Street and visiting her is an Elizabeth Leeson, aged 76 years.

I was this year given a Wesleyan Hymn Book by my mother and on the inside cover was the name William Henry Neale and on the back page were the words William Henry Leeson. Therefore, was this William Henry Leeson the real father of my great-grandfather and not Frisby? Did Elizabeth marry Leeson the real father of my greatgrandfather and not Frisby? Did Elizabeth marry Leeson or did she just adopt his surname? Can anyone help? Has anyone ever seen Elizabeth Neale on the 1841 Census and was she in service to the Frisby family? I have never found a marriage between Neale and Leeson families. Where was Elizabeth Neale (Elizabeth Leeson) after 1851? Have you ever seen her on the 1861, 1871, 1881 or 1891 Censuses in the UK? The only thing we have to go on is her age and the fact that she was born in Leicester. Plus, William Henry Neale married Louisa Jennings in 1864 and he and his family were easily found on the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 Censuses. This is a common occurrence of the 19th century, a young, unmarried girl becomes pregnant but I admire her father Joseph for taking her and her unborn child in and caring for them. I would welcome the opportunity to get to the bottom of this puzzle. CV Ellis

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Newman - I am seeking information on Francis Newham who was baptised on 29 Nov 1829 at St Dunstans, Stepney. Parents were Francis Newham and Margaret (maiden name possibly Wallbanks). Francis and Margaret had several other children: George Edward, born 1839; James, born 1834; Thomas, born 1830; John, baptised 29 Nov 1829, St Dunstans, Stepney; Margaret, baptised 29 Nov 1829, St Dunstans, Stepney; and Sarah, baptised 29 Nov, 1829, St Dunstans, Stepney (perhaps they were triplets?).

Francis Newham Jr went on to marry Emma Mary Temlett in 1849. They had several children: Francis Thomas, born 1850; Frederick William, born 1865; Thomas, born 1858; William, born 1870; Alice, born 1869; Jane, born 1862; and James, born 1863. Francis Newham died aged 54, on 15 April 1883.

Is anyone researching the same family? I would like to know where Francis Newham Sr and his wife Margaret came from and if the name was ever changed from Newman at any time. As yet I have been unable to find Francis Newham and Margaret on any census returns, not knowing were they came from or where they lived. I would be very grateful to hear from anybody who may know something and can help me. Sarah J Newham

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Fareham, Hants, PO16 0TZ

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O'Connor - I am trying to trace my husband's father. His name is Maurice O'Connor. I'm afraid we do not have a date of birth but it's probably between 1900 and 1920. We have been informed that he came from Co Kerry in Ireland and later came over to London, where he met my husband's mother, Anne Fahey, also Irish. My husband was born in 1942. The relationship never went any further and the last time Anne spoke to him, which was in Kilburn, London, in 1945/46, he had married and had a son. He told Anne that he and his family were emigrating to America. Anne passed away four years ago in London. Any help or information regarding my search would be greatly appreciated. Valerie Fahey

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Pettifer - Albert (Bertie) Pettifer, born 1880, died 1943, married

Ethel and had three daughters -Elsie, Ivy and all I know about the third is that she was nicknamed Blossom by her Dad. It was in the Bow, London/Middlesex area. Mrs Lesley Batt

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Pettifer - Florence Pettifer married Daniel Skinner. They had two daughters, Florence and Lilian. Florence Skinner married sometime in the mid- to late-1920s as I have a photograph of the wedding. All I know about the groom is that he was an army deserter. It was in the Bow, London/Middlesex area. Mrs Lesley Batt

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Reed - I have found a Mary Ann Reed, daughter of Richard Reed, on my family tree. She was the second wife of my great-great-great-grandfather and the mother of my great-great-grandmother. She married Joseph Honnor, inspector of small arms, 9 May 1852, at St James', Clerkenwell. Her father's name was given as

Richard Reed, labourer. An Edward Reed was one of the marriage witnesses. In 1871 Mary Ann was found living in the Mile End Old Town area, with her daughter, Sophia Honnor, shirt seamstress. Her nephew George T Heath, an unemployed carpenter aged 22 was living at the address with them. Mary Ann died in Dec 1873, aged 62. Does anyone have this Mary Ann on their Reed family tree? Or perhaps on a Heath family tree?

I would like to find out more about her family. She was born in the Waltham Abbey area of Essex, according to the 1871 Census. I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who is able to help or offer information. Sarah Newham

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Fareham, Hants, PO16 0TZ

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Ross - I am trying to trace my late mother's family - her maiden name was Elizabeth Ross, born around 1908/10 in the East End of London. I can't trace her birth certificate, but she was the youngest in the family and had at least four brothers (Frederick, John, Alfred and Edward). John Ross was quite well-known after World War II in the world of darts.

My mother's father was James Ross, who was a ship's fireman at the time of my mother's marriage in 1930 (to Arthur John Lindsay Hellicar). They lived at 2 Paradise Cottages in Bethnal Green in 1930, but that's all I know. Any clues to help me find this family would be much appreciated. Lindsay Udell

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Ruffy - I am seeking information on my paternal great-greatgrandfather and his children. His name was Christopher Edgar Ruffy and he was born in 1827 and baptised 6 April at Saint Mary, Lambeth, London. He married a lady called Mary Smith, born 1826. They had ten children that I know of: Edgar William, born 1849; Mary Emma Warwick, 1851; Mary Susan, 1854; William John Robert, 1858; Christopher, 1860; Harriet, 1861; Frances Martha, 1863; Alice Scott, 1866; Isabella Annie, 1869; and Henry James, 1878. They lived at Christchurch Street, Chelsea. I would love to hear from any descendants of the above.

I am also looking for any information on Mazzine Keswith/ Kossuth Ruffy, born 1853 at St Pancras. I think he may have emigrated to Australia at some point in his life. This is all I know so any more information on the family, in either London or Australia, from fellow researchers, would be most welcome.

Donna Heaps

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