Surname Histories

With each issue of Your Family Tree we include a set of cutout surname reference histories, giving the background to British names. And you can order a special storage box for them on page 39.

Every name in these guides is as a result of a reader request. To suggest we research your name, contact us on the details below.

Surname cards so far.

Abbott issue 12

Aitken issue 17

Atkinson issue 15

Baines issue 15

Barker issue 9

Barrett issue 13

Bates issue 3

Beck issue 5

Beckett issue 14

Bell issue 1

Benson issue 20

Carey issue 9

Carter issue 4

Chandler issue 10

Chapman issue 11

Clark issue 2

Cooper issue 9

Cross issue 6

Curtis issue 3

Although not every name will be of immediate interest to you in your own family history research, you never know when you'll discover ancestors of a particular name. As your tree grows when your research extends back in time, the number of names you're researching will expand.

Each card gives you a history of a surname including its possible origins and meaning. We show you an example of a coat of arms borne by someone with that surname, and include addresses of some of the best websites to visit.


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