This is a massive database of surname interests that can be either searched or browsed alphabetically. If you find a name relevant to your

SURNAME GENEALOGY SEARCH: A simple system - type in your surname to search across multiple resources research this site will provide you with a host of links to either records, surname websites, family trees and so on. It's another US-centric site, and not always directly helpful, but it's worth a punt if you find yourself stuck.


This is a busy-looking FHS site that provides a wide range of resources and information for local genealogists. As well as the standard FHS stuff there are a number of additional areas on the site that could be useful such as members' websites, parishes and maps, census districts, memorials, churches, war memorials and other places of worship. There is information on current projects and indexes to local history information and occupations. Note: you'll need to register with a username and password to see most of this site.

Surname Genealogy Search

The first genealogy project based solely upon Ihe genealogy of your surname. Online since 1996!!!

■»rarch SumameWeb For your surname genealogy

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