Ulster Historical Foundation

[w] www.ancestryireland.co.uk

The Ulster Historical Foundation's aim is to promote interest in Irish genealogy and history, with particular reference to Ulster or Northern Ireland. The website

UK GENEALOGY: The part of the worldwide Genealogy.com network that's devoted the British resources offers online databases that cover more than half a million Irish genealogical records. The Foundation has also digitised a further 2.5 million Irish genealogical records that will be available on the internet soon. The site also offers parish maps, a useful historical timeline, a database of townlands and web links.

US NATIONAL ARCHIVE AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION [w] www.archives.gov/research_ room/genealogy/index.html/soundex

This is the genealogy section for the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) website that acts as a starting point for US-based family history research. There are searchable catalogues to historical documents including the Access to Archival Database that features World War II enlistment records for soldiers.

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