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WAKEFIELD AND DISTRICT FHS [w] www.wdfhs.co.uk

A standard FHS site that offers members and visitors some basic Society information, plus a photo gallery of local churches, chapels, public houses and schools. The resources section is a work-in-progress, so currently a little thin, offering a list of war memorials and cenotaphs in the region (each with photo and info), plus a list of bench inscriptions from Thornes Park in Wakefield.

WAR TIMES: Eye-witness accounts of conflicts make ideal background for your military forebears

WAR TIMES JOURNAL [w] www.wtj.com

This is an impressive site for anyone wanting to find out about the history of mainly four wars - the Napoleonic, the American Civil War, WWI and WWII. There are six main sections to the site: Store, Gaming, Archives, Articles, Portal and Wars. The sections of most interest to family historians will be the last four.

The Archives section includes articles and transcripts under the headings Orders and Dispatches, Memoirs, Eye Witness Accounts and Photo Galleries. There are plenty of real accounts from people who fought during the conflicts, as well as biographies of famous generals. In addition, you'll find plenty of interesting articles, a well-organised links section for further research and information, and a specific war history section.

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This is a simple but well-designed site that provides basic FHS information on membership, committee, meetings, members and so on, as well as links to buying photographs of the area. There's also a Help Wanted bulletin board, where visitors can post requests for research help, as well as a Links section to other areas of interest.


This is a straightforward FHS site for Scotland's West Lothian district. It offers the usual information on membership, meetings, members' interests, publications and so forth. There's a History of West Lothian section, a photo gallery of local sites, divided into villages, a parishes list, and a few links.

WARWICKSHIRE: A comprehensive set of local school registers feature amongst other research resources


In addition to the usual FHS contact points, membership details and calendar of events, the Western Australian GenSoc provides an online catalogue of its library contents (although at present this is limited to Australian books). For researchers, there are other areas of interest, such as the passenger lists in the Genealogy On Site section. You can also post requests and comments on the Noticeboard.

WESTERN FRONT ASSOCIATION [w] www.westernfront association.com

The Western Front Association is a historical interest group consisting of around 6,500 members

ES worldwide. It aims to share BSIT information and stories primarily WE about WWI, but also other aspects o of soldier life at the time. This WFA < website provides a breakdown of the association, including branches and membership, as well as links.

The library and map section are particularly useful if you're looking for a relevant book or map. You can search the library by category (battles, biographies, naval, novels, etc), and each tome comes with a short comment or note saying whether it's worth buying. Clickable maps in the map room reveal how the Western Front changed during the conflict. In addition to the online shop for WFA merchandise (maps, publications and journal back issues), there are educational resources, a discussion room and a forum. This is a well-run resource

THE WORKHOUSE: Find out what life was like for any ancestor unlucky enough to be within one that family history researchers will find most useful, even if it's just to gain some historical context.

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