West Middlesex

[w] www.west-middlesex-fhs.org.uk

A simple FHS site that provides membership details, meeting schedules, a journal index and a who's who section. There's also an Indexes area that provides details on how to obtain local indexes. The Links section contains sites for further local and national research.

WESTON-SUPER-MARE FHS [w] www.wsmfhs.org.uk

As well as the usual FHS information on membership and a calendar of events, you'll find a list of indexes for local registers, searchable alphabetically by name, complete with baptism, marriage and burial records for a number of churches in the area. You'll also find local Somerset links and a photographic list of the region's churches.

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A basic FHS site for the West Surrey region that offers the visitor information on membership, members, events, meetings and library research facilities. There's also an informative parish map and a photographic gallery of local churches, plus links.

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