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With 10 copies of this top British genealogy application up for grabs in issue 21, our lucky winners were: L Waite (Burley-in-Warfedale), J Parker (Bedford], H Bennett (Stalybridge), M Forsman (Cumbria], M Jennings (Wakefield], T Valentine (Montrose], G Watts (Guernsey], C Kirman (Queensland], J Howes (Oxford] and A Smith (Swindon].

Brothers reunited

Neither knew the other existed - until now

60-year-old Lincolnshire man was astonished to discover that he had several siblings he didn't know about. Edward Kealy of Wootton was contacted out of the blue by Andrew McCausland, who lives in Toronto, Canada, and had been researching his family history, taking him back to the UK.

Adopted as small children, neither knew that they had brothers: Edward had been sent to live with his grandparents and Andrew, born in Ireland, ended up in Canada. The brothers were reunited this year when Andrew came to visit. They also have another 'lost' brother, Karl Blindheim, who lives in Canada as

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