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Jesus' family tree found in Wales

400-year-old biblical genealogy rediscovered in Aberystwyth remarkable 17th century manuscript detailing Jesus' genealogy has come to light in Wales. Around 50 years ago, the independent school Llandovery College placed some of its archives in the hands of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. The manuscript came to light when the current warden of the college, Peter Hogan, asked to see what was in the collection.

The document was compiled in the 17 th century by a William Spenser, about whom nothing is yet known. It purports to present a complete genealogy for Jesus and other biblical figures, as well as biographical references to old Bible stories, and there is even an index to the people named through its 594 pages. The manuscript was bought for £13 in the early 19 th century by the founder of the college, Thomas Phillips.

"It is clearly the work of a lifetime," says Mr Hogan, "so we're fascinated to find out who William Spenser is. We're not even sure where Thomas Phillips got it from."

HANDLE WITH CARE: Christ's bloodline document

In a twist reminiscent of the novel about Jesus' bloodline, The Da Vinci Code, Mr Hogan discovered that some of the references to Mary Magdalene in the Spenser manuscript had been altered. "Half of what's written about her has been crossed off," he adds.

The manuscript is now being assessed by Christie's auction house in London and has been insured for at least £10,000.

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