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Winning a recent Your Family Tree competition was a surprise early birthday present for Jeanette Scott. With her research lines at a dead end, and her list of questions growing, Jeanette was delighted when she received a telephone call telling her that she would be spending a day at an archive of her choice accompanied by an expert genealogist, Nick Barratt.

The quiz comprised three questions on aspects of family history, and Jeanette wrote in with the correct answers that Bennett meant 'son of Benedict', East Inuit was the official language of Greenland, and that tax returns compiled in 1086 from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex formed Little Domesday. "I had never won a competition before so I couldn't believe it when I was told that I had won. It didn't really sink in until Nick phoned me to arrange the day. I felt excited and nervous at the same time; my colleagues at work said I had a nervous giggle!" laughs Jeanette.

The 'day' started when I called Jeanette to find out what particular areas of research she wanted to investigate, and after chatting for a while it became apparent the best place to meet would be the Family Records Centre (FRC), Islington.

A dsy s research with TVs Hick fen-ran

A dsy s research with TVs Hick fen-ran

COMPETITION: With all three answers correct - Jeanette's entry went into the hat and she was drawn the winner

Jeanette lives in Arlesey, Buckinghamshire and works as a garage receptionist, so this meant taking a day off work and a trip to London. She agreed to bring all her research to date with her, along with family memorabilia, photographs and documents so I could take a look at where she'd reached and narrow down two or three main lines of enquiry that we could focus on.

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