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Dewi recommends two particularly useful books: The Dictionary of Welsh Biography -an online version is now available, though not complete, at http:// yba.llgc.org.uk; and Pedigrees of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire Families by John Edwards Griffith and published by Morton & Sons, 1914. Also visit Dewi's own site at www. carwgenealogy.com

There can't be many of us who don't hope to find blue blood running in our veins - but fewer still who actually find it. Retired mechanical engineer Dewi Thomas, now a professional genealogist, is one of those lucky few. In his case he has tracked his lineage back to Rhodri Fawr, a ninth century prince who was the first to be crowned 'King of All Wales'.

Dewi's ancestry is remarkable in that every member of his family going back hundreds of years was Welsh born. He first got interested in his family history about 25 years ago, inspired by some initial research done by his father. "My father, who was a railway engine driver, died at the young age of 54. Many years after his death, I came across a family tree among other papers which I had forgotten about. This tree, in Welsh, showed the details of the 'old Tanycastell family'," Dewi explains. "My father had known of a family connection with a very famous Welsh preacher, the Rev John Jones, who was named on this particular tree, but did not know what the connection was. This became my inspiration, as a tribute to my father."

John Jones of Talysarn (1796-1857) was one of Wales' great Nonconformist orators, renowned for his imposing presence and musical voice - he was the brother of Dewi's great-great-greatgrandfather. Music certainly runs in the family: Dewi's great-uncle John Eifion Thomas was a member of the well-known Imperial Singers; another great-uncle

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