Are We There Yet Researching Where There Was to Your Ancestors

What did "there" mean for your ancestors? You have to answer this question to know where to look for genealogical information. These days, a family that lives in the same general area for more than two or three generations is rare. If you're a member of such a family, you may be in luck when it comes to genealogical research. However, if you come from a family that moved around at least every couple of generations (or not all members of the family remained in the same location), you may be in for a challenge.

So how do you find out where your ancestors lived? In this section, we look at several resources you can use to establish their location, including using known records, interviewing relatives, consulting gazetteers, looking at maps, using GPS devices, and charting locations using geographical software. As we go through these resources, we use a "real-life" example to show how the resources can be used together to solve a research problem — finding the location of the final resting place of Matthew's great-great-grandfather.

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