Blogging for Attention

Blog is a common term around the Internet these days. But what exactly is a blog? Blog is an abbreviated name for a Weblog, and it's just what it sounds like: an online journal or log. Typically blogs include narratives on whatever topic the blogger (the person who maintains the blog) feels like writing about. Therefore genealogy blogs typically contain narratives on family history research. These narratives are much like the Web boards of years past where people could go and post information about their research findings or needs, and others would post replies. The main difference is that the blogger typically updates the blog on a regular and frequent basis, anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly, and the blogger is the one who initiates the topics of discussion that are welcome on a particular blog. Some blogs even contain photos, video or audio clips, and links to other sites — all depending on the blogger's interests and abilities to include these things.

There are blogs available about all aspects of genealogy including how-to, news, ethnic-based research, surnames, conferences, technology, and document preservation.

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