Browsing Comprehensive Genealogical Indexes

If you're unable to find information on your ancestor through a search engine or online database, or you are looking for additional information, another resource to try is a comprehensive genealogical index. A comprehensive genealogical index is a site that contains a categorized listing of links to online resources for family history research. Comprehensive genealogical indexes can be organized in a variety of ways, including by subject, alphabetically, or by resource type. No matter how the links are organized, they usually appear hierarchically — you click your way down from category to subcategory until you find the link you're looking for.

Some examples of comprehensive genealogical indexes include the following:

^ Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet:

^ Genealogy Home Page:

^ Helm's Genealogy Toolbox:

^ Linkpendium:

To give you an idea of how comprehensive genealogical indexes work, try the following example:

1. Fire up your browser and go to Cyndi's List (

This launches the home page for Cyndi's List.

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