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On the front page of the Genealogy of Jamaica page, there is a list of resources available on the site. We select the Civil Registration link that takes us to the Civil Registrations of Jamaicans page (see Figure 6-2).

Figure 6-2:

The civil registrations page at the Genealogy of Jamaica site.

{¡J | LJ Hlp.//toww ruiri'nmih i:(irn/™*|;imv«|wft:iwfclig Mm

Civil Registration of Jamaicans o w

Not« If vow liavf not nsed the Family History C'aUm of die Mormon Clitn oli before, go 'back' to tin» Index page and read the Wgiitiiiug of llir trrtioii ou the TGI anil \n;lira)i C'liuirh firfonh t'ml Regisli si lion tic^nu m Jamaica ui 18ÜÜ as opjiostd to Falkland when it lic^mi ui IKÍ" iukI Scotland when lífúi was llie initial (Lite The Gavtinmciit as compared to the church, be«an to keep records oftiiitlií. deaths and ilianú«C!; The originals of the Jniii.iic.m records arc held in the Registrar General's Office ru Spauisb Town. Jamaica. however tüc LDS Church (Mormon) has filmed these records ¡mil ihcy arc h\ nibble through llien Family Hisloiy ('enters

Chi Registration i? cataloged by Parish. so you need to know the parish of your ancestor, othenvise tt will be .i Ions but not impossible search. There at e Indexes for marriages and deaths, but to the tune of this writing, 1 am not sure that nil the buth indexes have been

To find the numbers of the index hlms. you look under Jamaica (not West Indies J'Civd Rcatstration'iudcxcg ui the Family Histoiv Library catalog {FHL catalog] Tins is either on Clh om or aun ulithe Some CDroin versions do not Inn c the Civil Registration indexes, so check the microfiche

Indexes ou film go from (in a few cases líí"l) to 19ÍÜ, howev er, the underlying films for the actual records may take you up to Intel than 1950. This depends on the parish, so check boih llie index mid actual ictoids lilni iccurds hi lire FHT. catalog for dH(n. before you conclude that the record is not available These index films ate high density films. 42X, 16mm. so when you «to in to the centei lo rend (hem, Vpu need a initio lilm tender winch will read this type of film. Where reservation of readers is necessary make sure you rcscn c the n«ht bud of reader. So that you don't have to return to the index film, write down everytiling associated with the record,

After identifying lire date and disli it t of (lie íecoid location, yoti need lo retiiru lo ihc FHL catalog, to v eiify the conecl litni for llie record. The actual record i? on a hint under Jamaica C'r\il Registration' and again is lifted by Parish. There are separate records foi births, deaths and inamnges. The oiiguial records were individual certificates tied in bundles and the filming involved placing each on a - iii fact and filming it. Within a p.uish, there were many districts, identified at the beginning of each film, so make sure you have located die right district, before you give up. There are stamped numbers and handwritten numbers on the certificates. Make sure you aie tending (lie liatil number ftoin the index Some of (he uuuibeis on cei tifie ates oveilapped between districts

Births The following items wiD generally hp found on a traLh r:prrtihi ¡iTr; (Extpnple Yr.;u 1910)


Because international genealogical sites are being added to the Web at a brisk pace, it is a good idea to use general search engines to keep abreast of the current sites. You can use a search term such as "Finnish genealogy" to get an idea of how much information is out on the Web about the geographic area that interests you. However, keep in mind that such general searches are likely to yield thousands of search results (at the time this book was written, "Finnish genealogy" yielded 703,000 hits). As we discuss elsewhere in this book (for example, in Chapter 4), you can get more focused results using a genealogically focused search engine such as TreEZy ( or WeRelate (

Of course, you can also find links to international Web sites at comprehensive link sites or help sites. For instance, the genealogy site at has a section that contains genealogy links by country. To find it, go to genealogy. and select a region from the list at the top of the page.

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